This miracle balm, also known as truly traditional South African “Boereraat”, has been the no. 1 cure for topical inflammations in South Africa and has been around for generations since the late 1800s.
Traditional South African home remedies referred to as “boererate” have been used since the early 1800s. Stokkies Van Zyl, an engineer from Namaqualand, is now offering a traditional remedy that has been in his family for many generations. This “boererate” proved its effectiveness when Stokkies sustained severe burn wounds from his elbow down to his hand in 2006 during an accident on a mining site.
His doctor suggested that the tissue and muscle damage was so severe that his arm and hand should be amputated.
Stokkies Van Zyl decided to try out the product his grandmother had told him about. After using the balm for just 3 days he went back to his doctor, who could not believe his eyes! The damaged skin had dramatically healed with the use of the traditional balm! The signs of inflammation and bacterial infection (associated with burn wounds) were reduced drastically. Within days a man who thought he might lose his arm was back at work.
14 days later, his arm was in perfect health and showed minimal signs of burns. Word quickly got out about his unlikely recovery and people started asking for the balm. The Van Zyl family has now recorded many positive testimonies of burn victims who have been treated with Brandsalf.
Many medical practitioners in that area who used the product with great success now endorse the use of the product. In 2008 the family approached Professor Reinard Uebel, a pharmacologist from Cape Town, to find out how to encourage the use of Brandsalf throughout hospitals and clinics. This resulted in a series of test carried out on the product. Professor Uebel now endorses Brandsalf as a successful treatment for burn wounds. It has been approved by Professor Uebel at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town following a formal analysis by a Medical Scientist at the Tygerberg Poison Information Centre.